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Revealing Eden (Save the Pearls Part One) by Victoria Foyt

Revealing EdenRevealing Eden by Victoria Foyt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Stars. I wanted to like this book, I wanted to like it a lot! And for the first half I did. I found it intelligent, extremely unique, and unpredictable. However, about halfway through, the direction changed, and the “rules” that had been established seemed to be dismissed and forgotten, causing the book to lose sense. If Revealing Eden had been two separate books, they would have perhaps worked for me. Especially because the writing was good. The details were interesting, and the characters were pretty well developed.

Revealing Eden begins by introducing us to Eden. A pearl with a low mate rate. Pearl being someone who cannot survive above ground as well as a Coal in the post-apocalyptic heated world. The low-mate rate is due to her being undesirable because she is a Pearl. Due to mistakes made and the situation just being crazy, she is thrust onto the surface with her father and a beast man. Living in a jungle like setting she has to learn to survive and come to grips with all she has ever believed.

It was the part where Eden lived in a jungle, yet being a Pearl, that I had the biggest issue with. I thought she wasn’t supposed to be able to survive well on the surface? I also did not care so much for Eden’s personality. She was very wishy-washy and self-centered, and often did things without really putting much thought into it.

On the other hand, the world building in the beginning was magnificent! I have not read a book that began with such a creative premise. The way the people ate food underground, the regulated exercise. I found it fascinating. So overall, I would say, amazing premise, not so great follow through.

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