Thursday, April 26, 2012

Desert Blade by Ella Drake

Desert BladeDesert Blade by Ella Drake
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ms. Drake sure has a way of packing a ton of story into a short word count. When I heard that she was going to be writing a post-apocalyptic story, a favorite sub-genre of mine, I knew I had to get my hands on it. And of course, this very talented and creative author did not disappoint!

Desert Blade opens up amidst disaster and tragedy. Derek, a guardsmen, loses his arm in an attack, leading him to a hospital where he meets Dr. Lydia. A team of doctors including Lydia fit him with a unique prosthetic arm that comes with a blade! During the time of healing, Derek and Lydia spend a great deal of time together, and form a bond of sorts. However, the unsafe circumstances of the land call Lydia to leave town and Derek to stay behind.

Ten years later, Lydia still pines for the guardsmen she only knew briefly. Derek cannot forget her kindness or her touch. And a small boy needs a doctor. Derek shows up where Lydia resides and she agrees to help even though the trip will be dangerous with gangs running amok. And Lydia being a rare woman left in this post-apocalyptic world, puts her in an even more dangerous situation for travel. So the guardsman and the doctor set sail in a land sail. Their earlier bond rears up and sparks fly. Yummy, indeed!

I am always so thoroughly impressed with Drakes thoughtfulness to detail without bogging down the story. One can only hope she revisits this landscape in a future story. There seems to be a lot more to explore. Very highly recommended!

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