Monday, February 7, 2011

Dex's Claim (Harlequin Spice Briefs 2011)

4 Stars! I loved this very erotic paranormal novella! The title says it all:D I would recommend reading Sin's Pride first, only because they take place in the same world.  However, it totally stands alone as well.

Copied Blurb:

Dex Zoller has wanted lioness Jenni Ulman for years, especially when she teases him with her irresistible body. Yet she's the daughter of one of the pride's ruling elders and he's a nobody. Dex thinks he isn't good enough to take her as his mate.
But Dex doesn't realize that Jenni's body selected him as her mate long ago. His touch made her thrill with passion and need. Being at his mercy is her dream—one that becomes reality once Dex can no longer resist the urge to claim her...

My Rating: 4

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