Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taken by Lilith Saintcrow (Harlequin Nocturne, 2011)

4.5 Stars! A thoroughly enjoyable read! This is my first Lilith Saintcrow book, and I will definitely be looking into her back-list.  As I was reading this book, I had many ideas of what I was going to say, but failed to take notes.  Anyways, it was quite an engaging story and I hope Saintcrow visits this world again!

Copied Blurb:

Sophie never believed she was special. Avoiding a violent ex she can't remember the last time she truly felt safe. Then vampires murder her best friend and Sophie is kidnapped by a dangerously sexy shape-shifter. Zach insists that Sophie is a Shaman—someone with a rare gift for taming his savage side—and he needs her to help him save his pack. Now with a malevolent enemy closing in Sophie and Zach must risk everything on a bond that may be their only salvation….

My Rating: 4.5


Caffey said...

Hi Tammy! Thanks for the invite from Twitter.

I love the Nocturne books! I get them in the mail from the harlequin subscriptions so I don't think I got that one yet. They send every two months so I end up getting one month of them late. So I shall be watching for them soon! Its great to see Lilith here. I've only read one of her other books and it was so good, that I do need to get more of hers. I heard that they all got great comments from her various series. Great reading your review. Right to the point on how you experienced the read!


Tammys said...

Hi Cathie!

And thank you!!

I love the Nocturne books as well, have them all...but still need to read a majority of them. I'm sure you know how that goes:) Have you read any of the Nocturne Bites? I have really enjoyed those on days I don't have a lot of time to read. Hope you enjoy the Lilith one as much as I did! And I hope it arrives soon for you:)

Take Care,