Monday, February 13, 2012

Synthetic Dreams by Kim Knox (Carina Press, 2012)

Synthetic DreamsSynthetic Dreams by Kim Knox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4 1/2 Stars!! If you looked up the definition of Science-Fiction Romance, it should simply say "Kim Knox." She really delivers a creative story with extraordinary world building. This is my second story by Knox, the first being Gambit. Gambit was a completely different world from Synthetic Dreams, which totally adds to my adoration of her strong world building.

We meet Vyn in the opening scene as she is testing out a new product (a glamour) at a club making her appear as a sexy blonde. In walks our H, Paul, as a security guard. There is a certain attraction between the two right away of course! Though Vyn is certain it is because of her glamour. Later, Synthetic Dreams propels these two deep into the heart of The Corporation (the place that has stolen Paul's real brother and replaced him with a fake.) Can Vyn trust Paul? What does he really want with her? And the greatest question of all, can she really believe that he is attracted to her even with all her scars and no glamour at all?

There are times when Synthetic Dreams has a bit of a Matrix feels to it. Which is a good thing, I loved The Matrix! However, it is not a copy, as Knox has really outdone herself this time! I found it quite romantic (and yummy!;-)) at moments, and wish I could say more. I am trying to keep the spoilers out, though! Great read, and I will add, as I did in my review for Gambit, that I believe there is room for more stories in this world. Highly recommended!

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